I had a call not so long back from Robin looking for a photographer at pretty short notice.  I was driving to France at 4 a.m. the day after the wedding date (with the prospect of 11 hours on the road) and so I agreed to shoot the getting ready, ceremony and as much of the reception as possible before leaving at 6 ish. 

Well, what a fun day!  My second shooter for the day, Adam, and I arrived at Robin's place where all was pretty calm.  We got some good shots of Robin and his men getting ready before moving on to Nicolene's house.  The difference couldn't have been more stark - no one was running on time and it was a Bedlam of ladies with a purpose!  Never having shot the getting ready shots before it was a real education - trying to slot in without getting in the way is an art although I think we managed it pretty well.

It was a really happy day - Nicolene has a devastatingly dazzling smile and both bride and groom were great fun to work with.  Even portraits in the rain in a Southampton park didn't produce any panic - I think I was more worried about a few grand's worth of camera and lighting gear getting wet!

Pictures up soon.