I've shot the entire roll of B&W film and they've all come out pretty well although I suspect that the shutter release spring is lazy after about 35 years lying ready to spring - the shutter release had been left depressed for all that time, the spring under tension.

Nevertheless, some quite nice shots which have a very old-school feel to them.  What did I learn?

  • I can still expose a picture properly pretty much by eye!
  • I just love the 35mm format - beautifully proportioned pictures - I must save up for a full-frame (FX) Nikon which gives the same field of view.
  • I hate having to manually dial in distance to subject in order to focus - not good!
  • Digital rocks - autofocus, ISO adjustments on the fly, RAW.
  • A fun project but I'm pretty over B&W film on a very old camera.

Anyway, here's a couple of frames from the roll.

Taken of my daughters in Winchester a few weeks ago.  I love the feel to this - looks like an old photo.  The grain of the film, the slightly muted contrasts.

gain, an old feel to things.  It's a touch under exposed - the sky was darker on the day and the shaft of sunlight more pronounced.  The lens was stopped right open causing the rather nice vignetting in the corners. Lee-on-Solent beach.