So it's 2014 already!  I remember the stir that went round my workplace in my first ever job (back in the '80s sadly!) when a workman turned up with a mobile 'phone.  It was the size and colour of a Tonka toy - now they are fully featured mini computers.  The 'phones of today were the science fiction of yesterday. Amazing.  Best of all, many of the amazing apps available are free.

Here's an idea that could provide a bundle of laughs for you and your guests alike.  Leave a card on each table at your reception inviting guests to use Instagram and a hashtag that's unique to your day - #MrAndMrsSmithAtLast anyone?!  At the reception invite your guests to snap away on their 'phones and post the results to Instagram using your hashtag.  And now that Instagram does both pictures and 15 second videos you could get some pretty funny and amazing video messages and pictures to laugh about on honeymoon.

There's always the risk, of course, that you get some randoms hijacking your hashtag but it's unlikely (unless you have enough guests to get it trending) and by my reckoning the laughs you get from your own guests will outweigh the downside.

Sadly, there's no way that I know of to print pictures from other people's accounts - such a shame because a photo book would bring a great deal of joy for years to come.

Anyway, why not give it a go?  It could be fun!